Introduction: Paper Mache Pots

Paper mache, A.K.A (Papier-mâché). Is an incredibly simple process. In this instructable I will show you how to make a Biodegradable Paper mache pot. For transplanting plants directly into the garden.

Step 1: Material's You Need

You will need a

Muffin tin







Step 2: Soaking the Paper

First you will need to soak you're shredded paper in water.

Step 3: Pulping the Paper

Second you will need to pull apart and pulp the paper. If you like you could blend it but this is optional.

Step 4: Straining the Pulp

Next you need to strain and squeeze the pulp. Try to get almost all of the water out.

Step 5: Adding the Flour

Next you need to add some flour and water. Start out adding a few spoonful's of each and add more until it reach's a doughy consistency.

Step 6: Forming the Pot

Next put the Paper mache in the muffin tin and form the shape of a pot.

Step 7: Let Dry

The final step is to let the Paper mache dry for about 12 hours to a day. You can bake the pots if you would like to speed up the process. And that's it you have just made yourself some Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Paper mache pots.

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