Introduction: Paper Quilled Heart

Hello! Today I am going to show you how to make a paper quilled heart. Lets Begin ! In order to complete this project you will need the following....


    • 5 packs of Krazy glue
    • 2 packs of construction paper
    • Ruler
    • Scissors
    • Pencil
    • Tweezers
    • Hot pink nail polish
    • Elmer's Washable Clear Glue
    • White Oat Tag
    • White foam board
    • Heart Wreath Form

    Step 1: Paint the Heart Wreath Form With Hot Pink Nail Polish

    Find a heart wreath form. Place a newspaper or any type of paper that could be used to protect the surface you work on. Then, take your time and paint the front side of the heart wreath form with hot pink nail polish. Once you are done painting the front of the heart you wait for it to dry. Once the front is dried you repeat this step for the back.

    Step 2: Draw a Heart on the Foam Board

    Once you have finished painting the heart-shaped wreath form and it dries, you would use the wreath form as a tracer. You only trace the outer rim.

    Step 3: Cut Out the Heart

    For this step,you just want to take your time and cut out the heart that you drew on the foam board as best as you can.

    Step 4: Draw Lines on Your Construction Paper

    Use a ruler to measure the width of strips. The strips should be a range of sizes to give you a variety of sizes of rolled-up paper. Use different shades of pink and red.

    Step 5: Cut the Strips

    In this step, you just cut along the lines you just drew in the previous step. Cut neatly, this is a critical step for this project.

    Step 6: Roll Up All the Strips of Construction Paper

    To do this step you need to take tweezers and use it to grab a strip of construction paper. Once the construction paper is secured in the tweezers you start to wrap the remaining part of the strip around the tweezers until there is no more paper. Once you are out of paper for that strip you gently slide the paper off of the tweezers, giving you a roll.

    Step 7: Loosen the Rolls

    To loosen the rolls you need to unravel the rolls a bit and hold onto the unraveled part. Then, you gently pull on the raveled part until it is as loose as seen in the picture above.

    Step 8: Arrange the Rolls

    For this step, you need to place the heart wreath form on top of the heart-shaped foam. Once that is done you need to place your rolls on the foam. You do this to see if you have enough rolls and determine where do you want the rolls to be. You need to put different shades of red and pink together.

    Step 9: Glue the Rolls Down

    To glue the rolls down you take one roll out at a time and apply Krazy glue in the area you intend to glue the roll. Once the glue is applied you place the roll in that spot and press down on it for 30 secs, to ensure that the glue is dried.

    Step 10: Minor Repairs to Rolls

    In this step, you will need to take off the heart wreath form and glue any loose ends to the rest of the roll. Once that is completed you can put the heart wreath form back on. Don't push down.

    Step 11: Glue the Heart to an Oat Tag

    For this step, you need to use Elmer's glue to stick the heart to the oat tag. Then, you go back around and re-glue any thing that is still standing up with Krazy glue. Finally, you are completed with your new decor.

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