Introduction: The "Dream" Poster

Hello! Today I am going to be showing you how to make a "DREAM" poster.Let's get started! For this project you will need the following ....


  • 3 white foam boards
  • 6 white oat tags
  • 4 packs of Krazy glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Elmer's Washable Clear Glue
  • Box cutter
  • Gem stickers
  • Blue and Pink pearl stickers
  • Bernat Baby Coordinates Baby Blue yarn 355 meters /388 yards
  • Bernat Baby Coordinates White yarn 355 meters/388 yards
  • Bernat Baby Coordinates Baby Pink yarn 355 meters/ 388 yards
  • Bernat Baby Coordinates Light Yellow yarn 355 meters/ 388 yards
  • Pins & Needles Acrylic Multicolored Yarn 6.56 yards /60 meters
  • 2 blue pom poms
  • 2 lavender pom poms
  • 2 hot pink pom poms

Step 1: Evenly Divide the Foam Board

In this step, you will use a ruler to draw a straight line that will be used to evenly split the three white foam boards. Take your time with this step it determines what size your letters are.

Step 2: Cut the Foam Boards in Half

Once you have completed the last step you are now ready to cut the foam boards. When you cut the foam boards go slow, you don't want to damage the foam.

Step 3: Draw Out the Letters

To complete this step you need to draw out DREAM in capital letters only. I suggest you use a pencil that has an eraser to allow you to make corrections easily. I also suggest that you draw lightly, almost like you are sketching. If you can't free draw the letters you can search online for capital bubble letters to give you an idea of how the letters should look like or you can draw your letters like the ones in the picture above.

Step 4: Cut Out the Letters With Scissors

After you have completed the last step you need to carefully and slowly cut around the lines of the shapes that you drew. Don't worry if you didn't remove all of the excess foam. The next step will remove the excess foam.

Step 5: Cut Off the Excess Foam

After you have cut off as much foam as you could with the scissors you would go back around with a box cutter. However, first in order to do this step if you are a child I highly suggest that you ask an adult to do this step for you, for safety reasons.

Step 6: Wrap the Letters in the Yarn

For this step,you need to wrap the letters in the yarn. The letter D is baby pink. The letter R is yellow. The letter E is white, blue, and pink. The letter A is white and multicolored. The letter M is blue. For some letters you many need to wrap the same area twice to completely cover the foam board.

Step 7: Cut Off the Excess Yarn

Once you have wrapped all of your letters in the yarn you need to go back and cut off any pieces of yarn that are sticking up.Then your letters should look similar to the the ones above.

Step 8: Glue the Oat Tags Together

For this step, you will need to gather all six of the oat tags and attach them using Elmer's glue.When you glue the oat tags together it should two rows of three oat tags glued together.

Step 9: Glue Letters to the Combined Oat Tags

In this step, you will use Krazy glue to only paste the corners of each letter to the oat tag. You must apply pressure for ten seconds to ensure that the letters stay glued down.

Step 10: Glue Pom Poms Down

After you have glued your letters down you would glue the pom poms down with Krazy glue. When you glue the pom poms down I suggest that you place them next to colors that they look good next to. Also, you will have to press down on the pom poms for about ten seconds after applying the glue.

Step 11: Place the Blue and Pink Pearl Stickers on the Oat Tag

For this step, you will pull the stickers off of the plastic and arrange them in a way that they can form a triangle in each corner.

Step 12: Place the Gem Stickers

This is the final step!!! In this step you would scatter the gem stickers on the oat tag.