Introduction: Paper Roof Rack and Acces.

The dimension:

Roof rack W 7.5 x L 8.5 cm.

Ladder W 1.7 x L 6 cm.

Metal plate W 1.5 x L 6 cm.

Hello, In this project, I will make accessories for the off road rc land cruiser 1:18 scale. When I bought it, it was plain come with nothing for decoration at all, and this scale it hard to find accessories parts. So I need to make, with simple cardboard, glue, and black, orange spray paints. The sleeping bag made with some cloth. It fun and easy to make and don’t take too much time. When it finish, it looks cool, and work in any trails. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do The Paper Roof Rack and Acces project.

1. Card board (not too hard), glue, two side tape, and spray paint (any colors).

Step 1: Cut, and Make Rack, Plate, and Ladder.

First I measure the roof to find the dimension of the rack. Just get over all dimension (Roof rack W 7.5 x L 8.5 cm.). For the trim pieces it’s about 3 mm. (or eyeball it). Then I cut the piece that will hold the rack and cut and fold into the triangle and glue at the bottom of that piece for the strength, if thicker cardboard will work fine. Next I connected the piece that goes horizontal with the roof. At this point I cut the pieces a little longer, so I can trim off later. Now it should look like a basket. Then I cut the top rail piece that need to go around and glue it to all the posts. The roof rack is done. For the metal plate I cut 2 pieces of cardboard (Metal plate W 1.5 x L 6 cm.) with small strips, to glue it on top, and at the bottom, I make a piece to glue in the middle for the strength of the plate. Next I make ladder, after measure the rear door (Ladder W 1.7 x L 6 cm.) so I cut 2 strips about 3 mm. and L 8 cm., because it need to fold back to attach to the rear door. For the foot step plate it about 1.7 cm. and I need to make a cut not all the way, so I can bend and glue to the strips.

Step 2: Spray Paint Black and Orange.

Now I use black spray paint for the roof rack and ladder. Spray just enough, if too much the cardboard
will lose the strength, and will be soften. For the metal plate I use the orange spray paint. Then I use two side tapes to attach the roof rack to the roof and ladder to the rear door. Now I set the spare tire and sleeping bag in the rack. It time to try it out and enjoy.

Thank you.

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