Introduction: Paper Spiderwebs

Need a cheap way to decorate for Halloween?  Want an activity for the kids?  Just want to have some fun?  This project is perfect for all of those!


-Paper (any color & any size)

Step 1:


1.  Fold paper in half diagonally.  Crease well.
2.  Fold paper in half again.  Crease well.
3.  Turn paper so that the top is facing down/ towards you.  Divide the triangle into three equal parts.  Fold the right third over the left.  Crease well.  Then fold the left third over the right.  Crease well. 


4.  Cut straight across the top of the folded triangle.
5.  Cut the top of your triangle into a curve.  Following this pattern, cut lines along the entire lenght of the triangle leaving a thin line of paper at the end of each cut.
6.  Cut out every other strip seen in red and cut the tip off.

Step 2:

Unfold carefully to discover your spiderweb!  You can even recycle your letover scraps for confetti!

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