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About: Hi, I am Yann, from Shanghai. I like to share my crafts tutorial created with my kid Teddy. Hope you are enjoying the fun of crafting and glad to see your great work. Many thanks to follow me.


Rem is one of my daughter's the most favorite anime characters.

For her present, I had make one paper statue from paper clay recently.

You can see the whole process in this instructable. FYI.


toll paper



white glue

Step 1: Prepping the Paper Clay

Before we make the paper statue, we need prepping enough paper clay from toll paper and white glue.

Put the toll paper in the basin or pan. Keep watering them until toll paper cann't absorb any more water.

Tear these wet toll paper into lots of pieces with your hand.

Add some white glue and mix them with your hand.

Step 2: Storing Paper Clay

After several minutes' mixing these wet paper and white glue, paper clay is ready.

You can prepare more paper clay for future work.

These Paper Clay could be stored in stackable airtight container.

I have recorded the process of prepping paper clay. You can watch this video to see more details.

Step 3: Prepping the Framework of Statue

After prepare the paper clay, we start to make this paper statue.

Pick one useless book and tear out some pages.

Crumple these pages into two balls, one for body and one for head.

Use the tape to shape the fraework.

Step 4: Building the Rough-hewn Statue

Spread the paper clay over the body framework, dabbing it with your hand.

Step 5: Shaping the Nose and Ears

For nose, shape it with the file.

For ears, foil is useful to shape the ears and apply the paper clay on it.

Step 6: Making the Rough-hewn Hair

Cover the head with foil and apply the paper clay on it.

Formed hair of these paper clay with your hand.

Take it off after it harden and carve the hair curse with knife.

Step 7: Refining the Hair

Rub the surface of hair with the file.

Preppare some hairgrip and hair accessories by paper cray then stick them on the hair.

Step 8: Painting the Statue

Paint the head and shoulder foundation with skin-color.

Paint the hair with cyan.

Step 9: Draw the Eyes and Hairgrip

Paint the hairgrip with pink.

Draw the eyes and you finish this statue.

Step 10: Video Tutorial

If you have some question or not to miss any details, It is advisable to watch the video tutorial for more details.


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