Introduction: Silver Cat Badge

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It is time to build a cat badge for my Hugo. I wrote this instructable for documenting the whole manufacturing process of badge. Hope for your help.


Major ingredient:

- silver material

- copper sheet

Minor ingredient:

- borax

- alum


- welding torch and crucible

- handsaw

- smooth file

- punch and stamp holder set

- polisher

Step 1: Prepping the Material

Add the borax in the crucible.

Warm up with welding torching.

Adding silver material in the crucible and melting by heating.

Step 2: Prepping the Silver Sheet

After melting, allow it to cool in the water.

Press into silver sheet in the pressure machine.

Step 3: Prepping the Cat Paw

Draw the sketch of cat paw in the silver sheet.

Use the handsaw to saw off the cat paw from the silver sheet.

Grind it using the smooth file.

Step 4: Punch

Draw the name and contact number in the sheet.

Punch with stamp holder set.

Step 5: Prepping the Cat Pad

Use the handsaw to saw off the cat pad from the copper sheet.

Heat the copper pieces and beaten into cat pad.

Step 6: Welding the Paw and Pad

Put the copper cat pad over the paw and weld them together.

Step 7: Piercing

Punch one hole for piercing

Step 8: Polishing

Polishing the cat badge with polisher.

Step 9: Final Works

If you have some question or not to miss any details, It is advisable to watch the video tutorial. Enjoy!

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