Paper Towel Paintbrush




Introduction: Paper Towel Paintbrush

This is a scalable paintbrush that utilizes a small square of any thin absorbent material like a paper towel or thin sponge. The brush element used can be discarded and a new piece installed in seconds, trimmed to your specific painting task. It's 100 brushes in one!

Someday, when this can be printed in recycled plastic and used with recycled paper towels, I'll be very happy.

Step 1:

Print handle and plug on your 3D printer.

Step 2:

Cut or tear a square of material.

Step 3:

Place plug in center of square on its end. Wrap, twist and insert into handle.

Step 4:

Trim to desired brush style.

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    9 years ago on Introduction


    I think this is a great idea. Can you upload a picture of the method by which the paper is joined to the plug and then inserted into the tube? Also, can the shape be adapted maybe with multiple heads to paint a rainbow pattern in 'one swoop'.

    Best of luck in the comps!!