Introduction: Paper Trump. Tremendous!

Love him or hate him you'll love making this 'yuge' paper model of the Donald!

Don't like making paper models? Sad!

( More paper engineering by Rob Ives on )

Step 1: Preparation

Download the pdf file and print out the parts pages onto thin card. (230gsm / 67lb is about right)

Score along the few dotted lines the carefully cut round the black lines of the nose and lift it out slightly to give a 3d effect.

Carefully cut out the pieces.

Step 2: Making the Head.

The hair is made from two layers. Glue the top hair to the bottom hair carefully aligning the two semi-circular areas.

Curve in and glue the back of the hair.

Curve down and glue down the two side pieces of hair.

Roll round and glue the head. Add a stripe of glue up the back of the head.

Glue the head into the back of the hair.

Roll up and glue the neck. Glue the neck into the back of the head.

Step 3: Making the Body

Curve round and glue the jacket, glue on the collar.

(Note: the head is not shown here for clarity)

Fold down the star tabs in the shirt to make a circular hole. Fit the neck into place. Don't glue it!

Glue the tie into place. Glue the shirt collar into place.

Apply a thin strip of glue down either side of the shirt front. Glue the shirt front into the jacket with the jacket slightly open as shown.

From the underside glue the back of the shirt to the inside of the jacket.

Step 4: Making the Legs

Roll up and glue the leg tubes. Glue the tabs at the top of the legs together.

Fold round and glue the shoes.

Glue the shoes to the legs. Make sure that the legs stand properly whilst the glue is still dry.

Push fit the tabs at the top of the legs up into the bottom of the neck. No need for glue. Adjust the neck up and down for the best location of the head.

Step 5: Arms

The arms are made from double thickness card. Fold them over and glue them down then carefully cut them out

Glue them into position on the body as shown in the images.


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