Introduction: Paper Walking Robot Very Simple

When I come across the Pinterest website I found a Cute walking animal made with paper. Its very very simple and very cute. First i tested with waste chart and amazingly it works and looking so cute. So first of all thanks to that person who make it and posted in Pinterest. Its very very easy and very cute. Kids like it very much, for school activities its very fun for kids.

Step 1: Materails Required

Materails Required

1) Chart paper (Not so thick i bought a color char paper)

2) Flat cardboard or Corrugated box (for platform to walk it must not be slippery floor)

Tools Required

1) Scale.

2) Pencil

3) Scissors

Step 2: Dimensions

As per diagram take the Dimensions. we just need a 15cm X 4.5cm paper. Draw the lines as per the pattern.

Step 3: Cut the Paper

As per the drawing cut the dotted lines. Cut carefully the 0.3cm in the four legs. If its gone high then the animal fall down while walk.

Step 4: Fold to Got Animal

Fold the legs in one side and the head and tail to the opposite side. Role the tail with pencil and fold the head for face. Now the Animal complete


Legs want to be free so that the animal walk if the paper is hard fold front and back 5 to 6 times and make it free in the folding area.

Step 5: Make the Platform

At first i cant able to calculate the degree which it correctly walk . So I take a 45 cm for platform and 10 cm for height so the angle it form is 13 degree. So with the adjustment arrangement in the bottom of the platform i check at which degree the animal smooth and found 10 degree is correct.


The plat form must be 10 degree slanting. So for 45cm platform the height must be 7.8cm.

Step 6: Make It Walk

Now place the animal on the top of the platform and you enjoy it walks down step by step. This is the very fun and easy activity for kids. Once again very very thanks for the person who design it and posted it in Pinterest.

Lot more to enjoy...............Don't forgot to comment and encourage me friends.

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