Introduction: Paper Wallet

About: I love Star Wars, harry potter, minecraft, nerf and doctor who. I enjoy making things out of house hold materials and never really buy anything over $10.

The picture is one i made out of a comic. This is a simple paper wallet with two coin pouches and one note slot. You easily modify it and you can replace the paper with any other picture/colour you want.

Step 1: Materials

•18x24cm paper
•sticky tape

Step 2: Folding

Just follow the pictures

Step 3: The Rest

Now you have finished the main wallet, its time to make the coin sections. Just follow the pictures. Just to fix any confusion, in the last two pics you tape down the two flappy bits.

Step 4: Done!

Now you are done! Try adding card slots or adding Velcro or elastic to keep it closed. You can exchange the paper with anything you want or maybe you could reinforce it with cardboard.