Introduction: Paper YoYo

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Here is a simply fun Paper Yo Yo for you to make.  More commonly known as Chinese Paper YoYo and sometimes referred to as Paper Lasers.  In any event they will stretch the meaning of fun. 

Make them as a rainy day craft, give them out at a party or as gifts, kids and adult will enjoy them.  You can make one in less than 10 min.  Great use of extra Wrapping paper purchased during the after Christmas sales.

Step 1: Materials & Tool

1) 1/4 inch Dowel – 12 inches Long
2) Wrapping Paper – 6 feet Long by 5 to 7 inches Wide

Glue stick

Skill Level

Time to Complete
7 – 10 minutes

Step 2: Add Glue

1) Turn the Paper over so that the plain side is facing up and
2) Put some Glue on the edge at one end.

Step 3: Add Dowel

1) Lay the Dowel on the Paper where you just placed the Glue,
2) Roll the Stick and Paper until there is no more paper.

Note: When you pick up your Paper Yo Yo, it will unravel some, not to worry this is to be expected.  The Paper Yo Yo will not work if the paper is wrapped tightly.

You are done with your Paper Yo Yo.  Lets Play....

Warning:  Some toys can be dangerous, if not used properly.  Take care and aim your Paper Yo Yo away from people.

Step 4: Use the YoYo

Warning:  Some toys can be dangerous, if not used properly.  Take care and aim your Paper Yo Yo away from people.

Operate the Yo Yo
Step 1) Hold the Handle,
Step 2) Flick your wrist in an outward motion.  As if you where casting a fishing line into a pond.
Step 3) Return the Handle and hand back to Step 1 position.  As if you where pulling a fish in that you had caught.
Step 4) Repeat.

After a few tries you will find it easy to operate the Paper Yo Yo out to the full length of 5 feet.

Step 5: Observations & Summary

These Paper Yo Yos are great fun and they are easy to use.

The benefits of these Paper Yo Yos are:
1) They are Inexpensive to make.
2) You need a Quick craft to distract and Entertain the kids.
3) They are Fun.
4) They are colorful to watch.

I am satisfied with the results.  The kids enjoyed them, too.

Then I saw, and considered it well.  I looked upon it, and received instruction..

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