Introduction: Paper Clip Earrings

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So this is my first instructable and I am soooo exited to show you guys. These are earrings made out of paper clips and beads. They are really cool and easy!

Step 1: What You Will Need

For this awesome project you will need: pliers, beads, earring hooks, and paper clips. That is all you will need. Unless you choose to add something else to the earring besides beads or instead of beads.

Step 2: How to Shape the Paper Clip

What you will need for this step: pliers, and two paper clips. First unravel the paper clip so it is almost straight (image shown above). Once you have straightened out the paper clip, use the pliers to shape the wire. The shape can be anything you want it to be. After you have finished with the first paper clip repeat once more with the second paper clip. Now you're done with this step.

Step 3: Putting Beads on the Paper Clips

You will need six beads three for each of the paper clips. Slide the beads onto the clip. I do mine in a pattern, but you can put them anyway you want. You can even do more than three beads. After you have finished beading one earring repeat with the second one. Now we are done with this step and moving on to the last step! Yay!

Step 4: Last Step!!

For this step you will need: pliers, two earring hooks, and your two paper clip earrings. Take one of the earring hooks and put a little wire inside of the earring hooks loop. Take the pliers and bend the wire so a little bit of the end is bent then remove the earring hook from that end. Repeat with the other end and the other earring. Next push a little bit of each end through the earring hook and hold together while using the pliers. Take the pliers and and try to bend the wire a little bit. I have tried many things for getting the wire to stay in the earring. If this doesn't work for you, there are many different ways to get the wire to stay on, the easiest one would probably be hot glue. Once you have finished this step you are done these are easy earrings that make great gifts and fun crafts. Have fun!

Step 5:

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