Introduction: Paper Boat

This a cool paper boat that can sail if your paper is waterproof or thich enough (but not to thick or you won't be able to fold it).

P.S This is my firt instructable so don't be nasty but any tips to make it better would be approved of

Step 1: Steps 1-7

1. Get a square piece of paper and fold in half diagonally
2. Unfold and fold it diagonally again and unfold
3. Fold the four corners to the center of the paper (the middle of the X on your paper)
4. Fold the corner to the intersection you have made (see picture 4 and 5)
5. Do the same with the other 3 corners
6. Fold across the folds you made in step 3
7. Fold in half

Step 2: Steps 9-12

8. Fold down the flaps (its had to explain so look at the pic 2 for a view from the side)
9. Fold down the triangles
10. A bit hard to explain so look at pic 4
11. Do the same with other side
12. Fold the tip down

Step 3: The Last Two Steps - the Flip and the Opener - Steps 13-14

13. This step is quite hard to explain, look at the first pic to know where to put your two hands then flip it inside out ! Oh and pic 1 is a birds eye view
14. Open the two hoods and Bob's your uncle!

Step 4: Now Just Have Fun

Just do what the title to this step says and just have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!