Introduction: Invisible Message

In this instructable i will be teaching you how to write a invisible message without any special ink.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

2 pieces of paper which are the same size
A pencil and NOT a pen (You'll know why in a minute)
*A hairdryer or radiator


Step 2: Wetting the Paper and Writing the Message

Get one of your pieces of paper and wet it.
Then get you dry piece and lay it on top of your wet one
Write out your message with your pencil

If you used a pen and the ink sank through you may as well just write it out normally.

Step 3: Peeling the Paper and Drying It

Now you peel the dry piece of paper of and the writing should strangely show up on the wet one, if you can't make it out you have done something wrong. Be careful as the wet piece of paper is prone to tear.

You don't need the dry paper anymore so chuck it away. You can then let our wet piece of paper dry natrually or use a radiator on hairdryer.

Step 4: Reaveling the Message

When your piece of paper is dry you shouldn't be able to see any writing. to reveal the message dip it in water and hold it up to the light.

Step 5: Epilouge

Now you know how to make an invisible message, so go out there and have fun!