Introduction: Papier-mâché Hand

Ever wanted to have a model of a hand just hanging around. Well now is your change to make it happen. Follow these quick and easy instructions and you will have a hand in no time!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Before you can even start to make this project you must gather some materials first.

The materials you need to create this include:

- 2 cups

- a latex glove

- glue

- binder clip

- a paintbrush

- paper (can be scrap paper, news paper, copy paper, magazine paper, any type you can get your hands on)

Step 2: Preparations

After all the materials have been gathered, find a nice clean, flat space to do your project. Using glue can be messy, so put some newspaper or scrap paper underneath where you plan to work so prevent getting glue everywhere.

Take the glove and blow into it like you are blowing up a balloon. Once the glove is to a size that you like, twist the end and secure it with a binder clip so no air escapes. Take on of your cups and place the inflated glove inside, this will allow you to have a stand to do your work on and not have to lay the sticky glove on the ground.

For the adhesive, you aren't going to be using just glue. Take your second cup and squeeze enough glue into it to cover the bottom about a centimeter. Add water next, you will have to play around with the exact amount to add. It should be watery, but not enough to make the glue no longer sticky. It also shouldn't be too thick. Stir together the glue and water until it is a consistent liquid. If you added too much water just poor some out or add more glue.

Step 3: Starting

There are two different ways to go about this.

One way is to use the paintbrush and apply a layer of glue around the entire glove. Then tear strips of paper about 2ish inches long and lay them on the glove. If there is any part that doesn't stick, just apply more glue. and apply like above.

The other way is more messy (but in my opinion easier). Tear a strip (same as before) and dunk the paper into the glue. Wipe off any excess with your fingers back into the cup. Stick the paper onto the glove.

Once you have completely covered the glove once (the picture above is what it looks like completely covered, but not dry), add another layer. Do at least 2 or 3 of these coverings to ensure that the form stays when it is all finished.

Step 4: Finishing

After letting it sit for a couple hours or overnight, make sure it is dry all over by just feeling around for any wet spots. Once satisfied with the layers and appearance, remove hand from cup (this may be a bit difficult so be careful). Then, using scissors or just removing the binder clip, release all the air from the glove. Pull out the glove from the mold (this may also need a bit of finagling).

Congratulations!!! You have made a paper mache hand! There are many things you could do with this including making a 3D hand turkey, painting it to look realistic, making it a cool lamp, using it for spooky Halloween decorations and more!! Please share your creations below to show all the wonderful things that can be done! :)

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