Introduction: Paracord Wrist Lanyard

Every had a knife or ice pick that you DIDN'T WANT TO DROP... AND DID! Well I have a solution. I have created a wrist lanyard made out of paracord to attach to your knife so you wont drop it.

Step 1: Materials

you will need the following materials

-A cutting instrument
-A knife or other object that you do not wish to drop
-Ruler or measuring tool
-A heat source( I used a lighter)

Step 2: Cutting Your Cord

You will need 3 feet for the guts (the insides) and 7-8 feet for the actual weave. I did 9 feet and had a foot on each side to spare.

Step 3: The Weave

find the middle of each length of cord. Put the middle of the long piece about half an inch down the guts. Then make a loop as shown in the picture. With the top piece of cord put it over the bottom piece and behind the guts as shown in the next picture. Then put the cord through the loop on the left. Last pull it tight like in the picture. Now do the same thing but with the first loop on the right side. If you having trouble understanding what I am saying(because its muscle memory for me and its hard to explain when you just know it by heart) please feel free to go check out another instrucatable on this paracord weave to understand the weave. After a while it should look something like the bottom picture

Step 4: Fitting It to the Wrist

Check how far your weave is every once in a while by putting the guts through the loop and pulling tightly. Once the weave is about 1/4-1/2 and inch away from the loop stop.

Step 5: Finishing the Weave

When the weave is in the right spot you ready to finish your weave. Cut the two outer pieces of cord sticking out the sides refer to the picture below. Then take your flame(I lit a candle because I needed a hand for the camera) and burn the cut end. Be careful not to burn the weave badly

Step 6: Attaching It to Your Knife

Thread the guts through the loop. The thread the guts through the desired hole on your knife. Tie a knot a the end of the guts. cut the ends so they are even. then burn the ends so they dont fray. This way you can un tie it if you ever wanted to And you're done. Couple of last things push the weave as close as you can to the guts in the loop so the wrist loop wont move.

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