Introduction: Party Crusher 2.0

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I have always been a fan of M.C. Langer's work especially his cyborg costumes. He can envision what parts of a computer he needs for a certain project! anyway I tried to build one of the costumes! You can find the original one here

Step 1: Parts and Tools


  1. An old broken inkjet
  2. A broken spotlight flashlight
  3. Two laptop chargers
  4. An electric screwdriver (working)
  5. Six corner braces
  6. Three flat braces
  7. A conduit clamp (used as a hinge)
  8. Foam
  9. An old rubber iPod case
  10. Wood stakes ( using wood was a mistake so I recommend using straight plastic pieces)
  11. Clear fishing line
  12. The front of a computer case
  13. Metallic silver spray paint
  14. Cup holder
  15. Super glue (cyanoacrylate)


  1. Hacksaw
  2. Hole drilling kit
  3. Vise grip
  4. Drill bits
  5. Screw drivers (starhead, flathead and phillips)
  6. Solder
  7. Soldering iron
  8. Scissors
  9. Plastic cutters

Step 2: Take Apart the Inkjet

This step is pretty simple: gut the inkjet put it back together and drill a hole as big as your arm in the center of the side.

Step 3: Take Apart the Spotlight/flashlight

Take apart the spotlight/flashlight and take all of the insides out. After that cut off the handle with the hacksaw. Next, drill a hole into the exact middle of the top.

Step 4: Add the Mechanics

First drill a small hole on the opposite side of your arm hole. Following that take apart the electric screw driver and cut the wires going to the motor. Then get about two ft of wire from your spool and put it through the hole in the printer we drilled earlier. Afterwards solder the wires to the motor and electric screw driver electronics. Next, super glue the motor (with the gearbox) into the hole in the flashlight casing.

Step 5: Add the Pincers

Bend the conduit holder so its bolt can go all the way through to the other side then bolt it to the flashlight. After you do that drill a hole 1/3 inch away from the bottom of the stake then attach it to the conduit holder with the bolt.

Then drill a hole into the side of the flashlight and bolt the conduit holder to it.Do this to both pinchers.

I forgot to take very many pictures for this next step so....

screw in only the top screw on the corner brace at the same height as the top of the flashlight casing then bolt a flat brace to the end of it. Mirror this to the other side. Following that drill a hole in the exact middle of one of the braces (big enough for the screwdriver chuck that is sticking out) and glue it onto the electric screwdriver chuck then bolt it to the two flat braces.

Step 6: Arm the Pinchers

Open up the chargers and take the guts out then glue them back together.

Then tape 'em together and saw a notch in the corner of one of the chargers (make sure the end of the stake fits in it) and mirror it to the other side.

Put the taped together chargers onto the contracted pinchers and mark where the chargers are on the pinchers.

Take the pinchers off and put one of the chargers on the pinchers (you can take the tape off of the chargers) and drill two holes into the plastic and pincher. After that add nuts and bolts and reattach it.

Step 7: Attach the Flashlight Casing to the Inkjet

Using three corner braces attach the flashlight casing to the inkjet. Following that screw the electric screwdriver together and then using a corner brace screw it to the inkjet.

Step 8: Finishing Touches and Painting

First cut out some foam and glue it to the places inside the inkjet that your arm will touch. Next, take apart a computer piece and screw it onto the side of the inkjet for some texture. Following all that paint your cup holder with the silver spray paint and let it dry. After that paint the whole thing. Then screw the cup holder onto the side of the inkjet

sorry I have the pics of painting on a different device but I will post them!

Step 9: Make a Cyborg Eye

I spy with my cyborg eye: no cyborg eye! so let's make one! Get the webcam and take it apart so you just have the front part then drill two small holes in to the webcam. Following that get the front of the computer and cut off the part that says "intel inside" or something else like that and cut it off. Next, put the webcam onto the computer part and mark where the holes are then drill the holes and screw a screw into the corresponding holes. After that put it onto your head and look in the mirror if you can see your eye trim the plastic until you can't. Following that drill two small holes in the top front and back and string enough fishing line between them so it can stay on your head.

Step 10: Now Take Over the World! (and Drink Something!)

Bwahahaha! Now once finish my fleet of airplanes I can recruit some minions to help me


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