Introduction: Passport Notebook Inserts

This DIY passport notebook insert fits your standard passport carrier/holder. It's perfect for journaling or some doodles during your travel period.

Step 1: Watch Video

Step 2: Materials

Paper 12.5x18 cm (I used kraft, but you can definitely use standard typewriting paper)

Design paper 13x18.5 cm

Art knife or any cutting materials

Cutting Mat




Binding clips

Stapler & staple wire

Step 3: Preparing Paper

Fold 8 pieces of paper in half to serve as a guideline for cutting. Cut paper into half, now you have 16 pieces of paper, stack them together. Cut your stacked paper to 12.5 cm.

Step 4: Making Insert

Fold the 16 pieces of stacked paper into half. From the fold measure/mark at 9cm. Cut the stacked paper on the loose side.

Now you have a paper insert.

Step 5: Cover

Use a thicker material like cardstock. Cut cover to 13 x 18.5 cm, this will cover the paper insert without any of the paper sticking out.

Mark 2m from the middle top and middle bottom of the cover. It will serve as guide when attaching the paper insert and the cover.

Step 6: Attach Pieces Together

Align the fold of the paper insert to the center of the cover, temporarily attach using a binder clip. The binder clip will also help to keep the alignment in place while you attach the pieces together.

Turn-over your notebook, the paper insert should be facing down. Place an eraser under the part of the paper where you will staple, by doing that you will not damage your cutting mat and staple with ease.

Use the 2 cm mark and staple.

Now you have your own Passport Notebook Insert!