Introduction: Airplane Magnet

Initially, I made this simple project thinking of my students and the fun they would have after finishing them and thought it'll be perfect to make this simple instructables for everyone to enjoy. Now, you can leave a message to your love ones with this cute little airplane project, or simply add them as decoration to your fridge.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


Popsicle sticks




Glue gun

Step 2: Paint

Paint the clothespin and popsicle sticks with acrylic paint of your choice. Let it dry.

Step 3: Assemble

When the pieces are dry, you can start assembling your plane. Glue the two long popsicle sticks just below the metal notches on both sides and the short one at half a centimeter from the top.

Note: The side where the short popsicle stick is glued will be the front.

You can stop from here and use the airplane to hold pictures or letters for bunting.

Step 4: Add Magnet

Flip the airplane wrong-side-up, add a small amount of glue opposite to the short popsicle stick and then adhere the magnet.

Voila! You have you're very own magnet airplane.