Introduction: Pasta Al Forno Gratiné

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WHO doesn't like a good Pasta? Well, there are a lot of different possibilities to prepare a GOOD Pasta menu! I tried out a new one which wife and myself love!

It's actually very easy to realize, let's GO for it, step by step ;)


Pasta Spirelli Local (Luxembourg). Any pasta on your taste, spiral of preference...

They are also called "Fusilli Pasta"...

Gruyere cheese (or any of your taste, try it out...)

Grated Gruyere cheese for the gratin (or any of your taste, try it out...)

BARILLA Toscana sauce


Sliced ham

Step 1: The Preparation...

That's the very easy step: put a cooking pot with water on the cooking machine (gas or electric) and put a bit salt in the water. Let the water boil and bring in the Spirelli (or other sort of your choice...) noodles. Let them swim in the boiled water till they are around about 80% ready.

Take them out, put them into a strainer and put cold water over it and then bring them into a bowl.

Bring into the bowl the peas and the cut cooked ham.

Cut the Gruyere cheese in stripes, cut it to small cubes and add it in the bowl as well (see picture).

Now add the sauce to it and mix everything...

Put everything into a heat-resistant pot and cover it with grated Gruyere cheese.

See pictures as reference for the step-by-step guide...

Step 2: The Cooking...

Pre-heat the oven to 190° C / 375° F and bring in the heat-resistant recipients in the middle of the oven.

Wait till the grated cheese above is melted, that should be the right moment to get it out of the oven.

Serve it hot and "Bon appétit".