Introduction: Pasta and Green Peas

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This is a very nice mixture of your favorite noodles and green peas. Easy to adapt to gluten-free diets.

Step 1: Ingredients

Serves two hungry pasta lovers. Scale as needed.

*Pasta: your favourite one. I'm using dry spaghetti (100 g per person), but type of noodels it's up to you.
*Green peas: Shown canned peas (350 g). If you will not use canned peas, cook the peas until tender.
*Garlic: at least two cloves. 
*Baked potato: really otional, just a leftover and decided to put in the dish.
*Olive oil: or another type to taste.

Not shown: salt and black pepper to taste.

Step 2: Mash It Up!

Mash the peas with a fork until you have a plain cream. I prefer a bit more coarse than creamy.

Step 3: Pasta Time

Start cookin the noodles. You will need 1 liter of boiling water and salt to taste to cook 100 g of pasta. Will be done in about 8 minutes, al dente.

Step 4: Garlic

Put the olive oil in a saucepan and heat up. Add the garlc and stir. Do not let it brown, just tender and smelly cooked garlic. If you are into cooking, you know what I mean, yeah, yeah... :-)

Step 5: Bring in the Peas

Add the mushy peas to the garlic an heat and mix. If too thick add some water. In case of doubt, keep it watery.

Step 6: Almost There...

Mix the cooked pasta with the sauce.
At this point I diced an added the potato.

Step 7: Done!

The dish is ready. Enjoy!

Step 8: Optionals

Some variants I done in the past (sorry, no pics):

*Add some chopped bacon or pancetta to the garlic before adding the peas, tasty.
*You can also add some diced lean meat (pork loin, chicken breasts) and stir fry it. Add the garlic and go on.
*A dash of tabasco or another hot sauce is a nice variation.

Gluten-free: just use your favorite gluten free pasta instead of regular noodles and you are done (assuming you just used gluten free ingredients in all the steps).