Introduction: Patio Transformation- Easy With Great Results!

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In this Instructable I will demonstrate how to effectively clean your patio.

Step 1: What You Will Need:

- Brush (large thick-bristled if possible)
- Spade
- Garden Bucket
- Pressure cleaner (if you do not own one you can rent one at various stores.)

Step 2: Brush Up Debris

Use your brush to move leaves, dirt and other debris into a pile. This step is essential in order to make the patio look it’s best at the end.

Step 3: Take Away the Debris

Then use the spade to lift the pile of debris into a garden bucket, then move the bucket away from the patio in preparation for the jet washing.

Step 4: Start Pressure Washing the Patio.

Turn your pressure washer (if it has an adjustable strength) to high power and draw a square in the middle of the first tile, leaving an inch from the edge. This is so that there is a low risk of you destroying the mortar that holds the tiles together with the washer.

Step 5: Complete Washing the Tile.

Then turn the pressure washer to medium/low speed and slowly and carefully go to the edges of the tile, avoiding the mortar. Top tip: keep the nozzle as close to the tile as possible as order to be as accurate as possible. Before you complete this step, check the next one for another top tip.

Step 6: Top Tip for Doing the Edges:

Put your Wellington/rubber boot so that the edge marks the edge of the tile (refer to pictures). This means the mortar is covered so that you can wash right to the edge.

Step 7: To Deal With the Spots:

Hold the pressure washer on high power close to them for a few seconds.

Step 8: Repeat for Every Tile.

Step 9: Finished Patio!

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