Introduction: Pavlova Cake With Nutella Fresh Cream & Fruit

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Pavlova cake is a typical summer treat. Meringue type of base with whipped fresh cream and lots of fruits is simply delicious. Try something a bit different by adding Mascarpone cheese and Nutella to the fresh cream! Decorate with fruits of your choice, some hazelnuts (if you like them, that is), sprinkle with icing sugar & your dessert is ready to be served!

Step 1: Ingredients:

2 large egg whites

75 g icing sugar

½ Tea spoon white wine vinegar

1 Tea spoon corn starch pinch of salt

2 Tea spoons hot water

1-2 Table spoons Nutella

2-3 Table spoons Mascarpone cheese

200 ml Fresh Cream

300g Fruits of your choice Hazelnuts (optional)

With these measurements you will get a Pavlova base with about 23 cm in diameter (6-8 servings).

Step 2: Watch the Video for This Tutorial:

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