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Peanut Burfi is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Dessert.

Peanut burfi is an easy and healthy kids friendly snack with peanuts and Sugar. You can make this snack in bulk and store for up to 15 days.

Now in this Instructable I'm gonna show you how to prepare tasty Peanut Burfi in a very simple way.

So, let us start the preparation.

Step 1: Ingredients to Prepare

For this awesome recipe you should grab

  • Peanuts(100 grams)
  • Sugar(1 cup)
  • Cardamom(few)
  • Water (1 cup)

Use a thick pan like I mentioned in my previous recipe(Caramel syrup)

Step 2: Peal the Peanut

It is important to peal the peanuts because no one wants their Burfi to look in an abnormal color, even though the peal of the peanuts is considered to be very healthy for your recipe you need to peak it out. Now the steps you need to follow to peal the peanuts are:

  • Keep pan and turn on the heat
  • Add the Peanuts into the Pan
  • After the peanuts gets little black patches then turn off the flame
  • Now it is easy to peal them.
  • You just have to rub them in between your palms , and blow gently on them

Step 3: Peanut Mixture

Prepare Peanut mixture by adding peanuts into a mixer and giving it a gentle pulse.

You'll understand the advantage of this step when you are done with the preparation.

Step 4: Sugar Syrup

Preparing Sugar Syrup is a crucial step here because the Hardness of your Burfi depends on this.

  • Add sugar into the pan
  • Add same amount of water into water.
  • Now increase the flame a little bit and continue stirring.
  • When the Syrup gets a little Viscous torn off the flame.
  • Now the Syrup is ready.

Step 5: Add Peanut Mixture

When the Sugar Syrup is ready now its time to add the Peanut Mixture that we prepared in the 3rd Step.

Before adding the Peanut Mixture you need to add a little amount of punched Cardamon.

Then add Peanut Mixture and stir it properly

So that all the Peanut pieces are evenly spread all along

Step 6: Freezing

Now take a metal plate (any) and cote it with a little amount of Oil.

Gently pour the Syrup on the plate.

While pouring keep the pan steady so that the spreading wont gets disturbed.

After the Syrup gets settles, now keep the plate in refrigerator and allow it to cool down a bit.

Step 7: Extractinng

After some time when the Syrup gets cooled take out the plate and start extracting it with a spoon or anything.

As far as i'm concerned "Shape doesn't matter but Taste does".

That's all foodies, now you enjoy Tasty Peanut Burfi

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