Introduction: Peanut Nativity Scene

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You may have seen the story on the Net about the man whose wife gave him some money to buy a Nativity Display, and if there was any money leftover he could spend it on beer. I decided to make one. Depending on your Christmas views you can have a Christian or a secular view or both. The music in the background is the Lovin Spoonful.


Christmas ornament from the Dollar store, hot glue gun, some peanuts in the shell, some cork strips also from the Dollar store, an Xacto knife, a pair of side cutters (the ones shown are actually Toe nail clippers from the Dollar store as well) and a steady hand.

Step 1: Construction Step 1

Carefully score with an Xacto knife, the edges of the Santa scene on one side of the ornament. To remove it without damaging it, you'll have to make several scores, getting deeper each time until you cut through. I left the star on both sides.

Step 2: Preparing the Peanuts

I selected two longer peanuts that were slightly bent over for the parents and a smaller single peanut for the baby.

Using the side cutters, nibbled away the shell where the faces would be on the peanuts. Using hot glue, glued the parents to the baby. As shown, the peanuts are positioned as if they are looking at the baby.

Step 3: Preparing the Manger

Glued some cork strips around the LED candle to give it a more manger like look. Then made a ledge out of cork strips to glue the peanuts to.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Glued the peanut family to the cork strips on the front of the manger.

Hang it on the tree with the side you prefer to see facing out.