Introduction: Peanut Butter and Jam (jelly) Gyoza

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More snacks should come in small bite sized crispy packages so today we are taking a western classic and giving it an eastern twist in this simple instructable that works as a snack or a great dessert with ice-cream.

Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment


Peanut butter - we only have smooth in the house but i imagine crunchy would work as well

Jam (Jelly) - personal choice here, I'm preferable to Blackcurrant

Gyoza pastries - These can be bought really cheaply at your local eastern food shop, generally in the frozen section.


A pot for deep frying

Couple of teaspoons

A fork

A slotted spoon

Glass of water

Oil for frying

A plate


A Gyoza press. if like me you make quite a bit of gyoza this is a brilliant bit of kit

Step 2: Fill Em Up!

Take you Gyoza pastry and wet around the edge on half of the circle.

Dollop in some peanut butter.

Dollop in some Jam.

Not too much as you want to be able to close the gyoza over.

Fold the dry edge over to the wet edge.

Take your fort and gently press along the join.

repeat these steps until you have the desired amount :)

Note: you may want to keep one gyoza pastry aside to test the oil

Step 3: Cook Em Up!

Put your oil on to heat.

Always remember to exercise caution when dealing with hot oil

Use your "sacrificial" gyoza pastry to test to see if the oil is hot enough for deep frying....i say "sacrificial" but the fried pastry itself is quite tasty.

Once the oil is hot enough start cooking you gyoza a few at a time as this reduces the chances of them sticking together. they only need a few mins each. once they have turned golden brown remove them from the oil with your slotted spoon.

you may want to lay them on some kitchen towel or a cooling tray with a towel underneath to help remove some of the excess oil.

Step 4: Eat Em Up!

Enjoy! Just remember to let them cool a bit because they will be HOT!

I enjoy them on their own but served hot with some ice-cream is brilliant.

You can also swap out the jam for Nutella or go a bit elvis and swap out the jam for banana. Alternativly you leave out a second ingredient and just have them as straight peanut butter gyoza.


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