Introduction: PeanutButter-Crackers

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Peanut  Butter-crackers yummie a great last minute snack to take to the zoo, park or on a road trip.
Don't just use peanut butter  experiment!  So lets go make this really easy last minute snack!

Step 1: Last Minute Things

Ok now this is really easy so you should be able to do this really fast.
You"ll Need:
Saltine Crackers

Step 2: Make It!

Now  take two saltine crackers
and your knife dip the knife in peanut butter
and spread the peanut butter on one cracker
then put the second cracker on top of your
first cracker  and you have a peanutbutter cracker
now enjoy your last minute cracker.                          

     For a sweeter taste use jelly with peanutbutter.