Introduction: Pear and Caramel Cupcakes (32) - Harry Potter (GF)

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Step 1: How to (cake)

1. Make pear compote with the pears: peel them, chop them up, put into a saucepan and heat until they reduce. Add the cinnamon, then blitz the mix in a blender or with a handheld mixer until as smooth as baby food. Let cool.

2. Place the coconut oil in a large mixing bowl or a high edged bowl and whisk by itself until fluffy. Add the brown sugar and whisk together and creamy looking. Add the honey, whisk in. Then add the eggs gradually, whisking well between each addition.

3. Sift the flours, baking powder and salt into the large mixing bowl containing the oil, sugar and eggs. Stir in.

4. Add the pear compote, the milk and the Greek style yoghurt to the bowl, mixing together. *Yes, I know it’s very liquidy, trust me on this*

5. Line a tin with cupcake cases then spoon in about ¼ cup of the mix.

6. Place in an over that’s been preheated to 180°C and bake for 20 minutes, until a skewer comes out clean and the tops bounce back when pressed.

7. Let cool in the pan then place them on a rack to cool completely.

8. Once cool, cut out the center of the cupcakes by placing the knife into the top of the cupcake at an angle and turning the cupcake in a circle, the tops will pop out.

9. Spoon in about ½ tsp of salted caramel (bonus points if it’s homemade!) into the center, then replace the lids (you might need to cut off a bit of the lid so it lays flush with the cake).

10. Decorate if you want or simply enjoy as is!

Step 2: Decorations

11. Print out some very round glasses (just like Harry's) on a piece of paper and cover it with a sheet of grease proof paper. Melt 50g of dark chocolate and place it in a zip lock bag with a N°1 tip (or a very small corner cut out and strengthened with some tape). Trace the outline of the glasses with your chocolate. Let the chocolate fall from about 0.5cm height so that you get a smooth line, and try and apply a constant pressure on the bag to the strand of chocolate always has the same thickness.

12. Melt some sugar in a thick-bottomed saucepan until it reaches 150°C - when dropping a small amount into ice cold water it should solidify immediately. Be careful not to burn the sugar! Using a spoon draw some scars with your caramel on a sheet of grease proof paper, and let them set.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

13. Ice your cupcakes with some caramel buttercream.

14. Just before serving, place your chocolate glasses and the caramel lightning bolts into the icing.

15. Admire your work and share the love!

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