Introduction: Peashooter Costume Head

MY Grandson Justin wanted to be a Peashooter for Halloween. This is what I was able to come up with for him. Sorry for the disoriented photos. No matter how I have tried I can not get them to upload in the correct view.  

Step 1:

1-childs megaphone or you can also use an Elizabethen Dog Collar.  2 large plastic bowls- I purchased 2 Halloween candy bowls from the Dollar Type Store, duck tape, batting,  felt- Kelly green, dark green, black and white, hot glue gun, spray adhesive, WONDER UNDER iron-on adhesive-purchase at a fabric store.

Step 2:

Take one purchased bowl and cut the bottom out. I used my dremel tool. Place one bowl upside down on top of the 2nd bowl. Using duck tape secure the two bowls to one another. The hole must be large enough to fit a head through. Cut the megaphone to the size you want.

Step 3:

Using the megaphone trace a circle on one side of the bowls. It is this cut out that the megaphone will be inserted. Using a cutting tool such as a dremel, cut the traced circle and remove. Test the correct hole size with the megaphone then remove it to finish the head.

Step 4:

Place the bowls on top of batting. Cut enough batting off so as to leave only an amount that covers the round head. Pull up the batting to go over the bowls. Stretch it tight, you will have more fabric than you can use so form wings as you stretch and pull. Pins the wings close to the bowls mark off the wings then cut as closely as possible to the bowls. Open out the batting but leave the bowl in its place. Using spray adhesive spray the plastic bowls and reapply the batting onto the bowls. Taking care to tuck the ends into the center of the bowls. Cut the batting away from the mouth hole.

Step 5:

Using green felt follow steps to apply batting. At first, I again used the spray adhesive but ended up making a mess, So I decided to sew the flaps into place. It was easier and I think neater way to apply the felt.

Step 6:

Cut a large enough piece of fabric to fit into the Head to line the inside. I hand sewed the lining in place then cut out the mouth opening.

Step 7:

Apply Kelly green felt to the outside of the megaphone using the spray adhesive.  Use a dark green and line the inside of the megaphone using the spray adhesive. When dry insert the new mouth into the cutout on the front of the head. On the inside use a hot glue gun to glue around the edges.

Step 8: Eyes, Eyebrows and Leaves

Using black felt cut out oval shapes for eyes. Using White felt cut small circles for pupils, using dark green cut out eyebrows. I used WONDER UNDER iron-on adhesive purchased at a fabric store and ironed it to the back of the black eye, the pupils and eyebrows. Pull off the paper backing of the WONDER UNDER. First iron  the pupils to the black ovals, Next place the newly made eyes in position on the head. Iron in place. Using the hot glue gun glue the eyebrows into place above the eyes. Next make your own pattern for the leaves. Cut 4 leaves out of the dark green felt. Take two leaves and place them wrong sides together. Sew the edges together leaving the bottom edge open. Sew a seam from the tip of the leaf down to the bottom stem part. 1/3" away from the center seam sew another seam that runs parallel to the first. These two seams will form a casing to insert a small dowel or chopstick. After dowel placement sew the bottom edge closed. Place one leaf on top of the other at an angle. Baste the two leaves together.

Step 9:

Sew the leaf set onto the center back of the head. For the body of the costume I used a simple Cowboy costume pattern. Just making a basic shirt and pants. I then made several more leaves, applied the wonder under backing and ironed them on the front. Sorry for the  pictures that are not rotated correctly. They are oriented correctly on my computer but I can not upload them without them being rotated incorrectly.
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