Introduction: Pecking Crow Origami - Instructable

This instructable will show you how to make your own origami pecking crow.

Step 1: Get a Piece of Square Paper.

Step 2: Fold One Corner of the Paper to the Corner on the Opposite Side.

Step 3: Fold the Right and Left Sides Down

Step 4: Fold Each of the Flaps Up

Step 5: Separate the Two Layers From the Top Point

Step 6: Fold Each of the Points Down

Step 7: Fold the Edge to Each Side of Your Point

Step 8: Push Down in the Center of Your Soon to Be Beak, and Fold the Two Sides Together, Then Push Down

Step 9: Pull the Two Sides Away From Your Beak.

Step 10: To Make Your Pecking Crow Work, Pull the Two Sides Away From Each Other, and Then Back to Each Other. This Will Make the Crow’s Beak Open and Close