Introduction: Pedal Kart Made From Old Pipes

Hi I am Samarth in this instructable, I am going to teach you how to make a Pedal Kart which you can drive.

The Pedal Kart can be made from old pipes, wheels and materials which are easily available to everyone.

I hope you like my instructable.

Thank you.


: Old pipes
: T joints
: Elbow joints
: 4-way joint
: Old cycle wheels
: Cycle rim
: Metal rod

Step 1: Making the Chassy

To make the chassy, you need 2x 1 feet pipes and 2x 2 feet pipes.

You need to attach the 1 feet and the two feet pipe using a T joint, repeat the same for the other 1 and 2 feet pipes as shown in the picture.

Attach a T joint at the other end of the 1 feet pipes and an elbow joints at the end of the 2 feet pipes as shown above.

now you need to attach both of them using a 4 way joint and and a T joint as shown above

The chassy is complete!!!

Step 2: Making the Rear Wheel Axle

In this step, we are going to make the the rear wheel axle.

To make this, you need to take a T joint and attach 1 feet pipes on both sides.

Put end caps on the other ends of the 1 feet pipes.

(Optional)Weld a bearing onto the remaining end of the T joint.

The rear axle is complete!

Step 3: Making the Pedals.

To make the pedals, we need 8 elbow joints.

Take an elbow joint and attach a 6 inch pipe to it and attach an elbow joint to the other end of the pipe and again attach a 6 inch pipe to the other end of the elbow joint and make an assembly as shown in the above pictures.

Make another assembly same as this. After making these two assemblies, you have to attach a 1/2 feet pipe to one of these(see the pictures and assemble).

Step 4: Attaching the Pedals to the Chassy.

In the previous step, we have made the assemblies for the pedals and we have fixed a 1 1/2 feet pipe to one of them.

Now we have to slide the 1 1/2 feet pipe into the T joints in the chassy as shown above.

Once you have slided the 1 1/2 ft pipe into the chassy, attach the other part of the pedal assembly to the 1 1/2 ft pipe.

We have attached the pedal assembly to the Chassy.

Step 5: Assembling the Rear Axle, Wheels and Welding.

To attach the rear axle, to the chassy, all you need is an old rod about 6 inches long.

Place the rod into the bearing in the T joint of the rear axle and now insert the remaining half of the rod into the T joint at the rear end of the chassy.

Weld the assembly at all joints in order to have a permanent and firm assembly.

Now, take 4 old cycle wheels and weld two of them to both ends of the pedals in the front

Weld the two remaining wheels to the ends of the rear axle along with the bearings this time.

Our pedal cart is almost complete all that is left is to make a steering mecanism.

Step 6: Making the Steering Mechanism.

To make the steering assembly, take a 2 feet threaded rod and pass it through the 4 way joint which is in the middle of the chassy. Lock the position of the rod using washers and two nuts tightened over each other on either side if the 4 way joint. See the pictures for reference.

Now take a small wheel and fix it tightly at the top of the threaded rod using washers and nuts. This will be our steering wheel.

Similarly fix a small cycle rim at the bottom of the rod tightly using washers and nuts.

Finally, take a rope and loop it around the rim and tightly tie its ends on either side of the rear axle.

look at the images for better understanding.

Step 7: Project Complete !!!

The pedal cart which we made from trash is complete.

You can watch my to see how our pedal cart works.

You can paint and decorate the pedal cart if you want.

Thank you for watching my instructable.

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