Introduction: Landscape Painting With Acrylics for Beginners

Hi Samarth here in this instructable i am going to teach you guys how to paint a beautiful landscape in acrylics .

Even beginners can follow my tutorial and easily learn to paint.


Acrylic paints(tubes or bottles)



brushes (a couple of round and flats)

waste cloth

Step 1: Paint the Background

The first step in all acrylic landscape paintings is to paint the background. Take a flat brush and dip it in water and give a nice wash on the canvas. This painting has warm colors so start by painting the upper corners with some purple and blend it towards the centre. now take some red or scarlet and paint it after the purple and blend it towards the centre ,finally take some orange as shown in the picture.

Now lets paint the water take some purple and start painting horizontally upwards and then with red and orange as shown. Once you are done with the water ,take some burnt umber and paint the mountain as shown.

Step 2: Lets Start the Foreground

In this step we are starting the foreground. Take some orange and sketch the basic shape of the foreground as shown. Now fill it with burnt umber mixed with deep green.

Now that we have blocked in the foreground ,take some white paint and paint it on the mountain as shown in the picture.

We have to paint some trees which are at a distance ,so for that take the same color of deep green and burnt sienna mixed together and paint the trees near the horizon as shown.

Step 3: Paint the Trees and Bushes

In this step we should paint some trees and bushes which are closer. Take the some burnt sienna mixed with deep green or sap green and paint two big pine trees on the right side just below the distant trees. Paint a tree on the left side as shown .

Now paint some bushes using a round brush in the space between the left and right trees as shown.

Step 4: Highlighting the Painting

In this step we are going to highlight the painting and give it some final touches. Take some sap green and highlight the pine trees by applying the paint only to the right side of the tree. Mix some lemon yellow to sap green and take a round or flibert brush and dab this on the left tree to highlight it.

Now use sap green and yellow to highlight the bushes as shown use a hard bristled round brush .

you can also use scarlet to highlight the bushes so that it will look like flowers

Now take some yellow ochre on a small flatbrush and paint a pathway on the left bottom corner as shown. Now paint some bushes on both sides of the pathway using the same method( first paint with sap green mixed with burnt sienna and then highlight)

Step 5: Lets Finish It !!!

Now there is one last step left, take a small liner brush and paint some twigs and branches on the bushes near the pathway.

Now sign your painting.

Thats it! the painting is now complete.

Thank you for watching my instructable.

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