Pelamushi - Traditional Georgian Dessert



Introduction: Pelamushi - Traditional Georgian Dessert

Pelamushi is a traditional Georgian (Republic of Georgia) dessert. It's very simple to make and very delicious. It gives energy that lasts long and is very good for people who aren't well and lose their appetite. I made only one portion, but if you would like to make more, just double or triple up the mix.

Step 1: Ingredients:

For one person:

250ml of grape juice ( I used red grape juice but you could use white if you like)

50gm of corn flour

Couple of walnuts ( or any nuts you like)

Step 2: Mix and Stir and Stir...

Pour the grape juice in a saucepan and add the corn flour.. heat on medium fire and constantly stir till the flour dissolves and starts thickening up. As soon as the mixture becomes thick, keep stirring for half a minute or less and switch it off.

Step 3: Walnuts and Shapes

Stir in some crushed walnuts while the mixture is still warm and put it in any shape you like. Leave it to cool down.

Step 4: Last Bit..

Tip the mix out on a plate when it cools down and decorate it. I just put a walnut on top but you could drizzle it with hot chocolate as well if you like.

Tip: Don't over cook it, put plenty of nuts and adding some sugar would be nice too.

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