Introduction: Pen Gun (easy and Can Still Be Used As a Pen)

This is my first instructable! The only reason i made it was to simply annoy people, enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

Materials needed:
1. pen that you can fully take apart (i used a "papermate Eagle M")
2. spring, preferably from a click pen
3. razor blade/ x-acto knife
4. small nail with larger head (i doubt screws would work)
5. sissors
6. tape
7. ammo (you could use airsoft BBs, large eraser bits, small green Knex rods, etc..)

Step 2: Disassembleing the Pen

The first thing you need to do is remove the little end cap of the pen that prevents any loose ink from spilling out. Then you need to remove the ink well with the writing part attached. Whats left is probably a pen tube and a little cap that centers the writing part to the center of the pen tube, take that off also so that you're left with four parts.

Step 3: Making the Ram: Step 1

What you need to do now is cut a little notch into the top of the centering cap so that after you fire, the writing part doesn't get stuck back in the pen. Then put the centering cap back onto the ink well and after it, the spring (you can put more than one to add power).

Step 4: Making the Ram: Step 2

Now, if you're using tape, wrap a small but thick layer of tape around the nail, insert it into the end of the ink well and proceed to the next step. For those who are using the hot glue gun, put a drop of hot glue in the top of the ink well and insert the nail.

Step 5: Pen Gun: Completed

Now that your all done, put the ram back in the pen tube and fire away; but you should take this into account:
First I'd like to say good job because my hard work and inventiveness is so easily over looked by you all who come and create with no fleeting thought as to how long it took this guy to actually make this and share it with the world...hahahaha, I'm just kidding. Now go and terrorize all who aggravate you.