Introduction: Pen Holder Using Paper

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Well this instructable will provide you with a good use of all the newspaper that often gets piled up . The method of preparing the pen holder involve Papier-mâché technique . In this technique I have made few changes to get better results.

I will be using paper pulp based method for making the paper clay.

Step 1: Supplies

1. For creating Paper Clay.


2. Starch (for strength).

3. PVA Adhesive .

4. Mixing bowl.

5. Moulds (here since we are making a stand i have used plastic bottle for inner diameter and cup for outer).

6. Cologne ( so that the stand smells good ).(OPTIONAL)

2. For Colouring and Finishing the stand.

1. Acrylic Colours .

2. Scissors and Blade.

3. Brushes.

4. Plane paper to cut of stencil for colouring.(OPTIONAL)

Step 2: For Making Proper Paper Clay.

Start with tearing the newspaper into small pieces . All keep in What amount of clay you needed and tear paper accordingly. . My preferable ratio is 1/2 th of Paper , 1/4 th of glue and 1/4 th of starch. Mix Water starch and Glue properly also add a cologne (add a 1-2 bottle cup ) . Pour the solution in the bowl containing torn paper.

Now Mix it properly and keep it outside (in sun ) for around 8 hours, check it in between and stir (mix it ) every hour.

At the end you will get paper clay like in the photo.

*Notice : 1.Tear paper using hand as the rough edges(fibers exposed ) helps in binding of clay .

2.Since we are keeping it under sun so little excess water should be poured .

Step 3: The Proper Paper Mache Clay.

Since we adding it into a mould little excessive water is no issue,but the clay must not get dry.

Step 4: Filling It Into the Mould

Here i have used a plastic cup and bottom of bottle for mould. You must use simple structure so that after drying the mould could easily removed.

The space plastic cup and the bottle bottom (as shown in photo) will be used for filling in the paper mache clay.

Fill it completely and try to squeeze out excessive water in the process ( after evaporation water create air gap reducing the strength).

Step 5: Removing the Inner Mould

After exposing it to sun for a day or two , check whether the inner mould could me squeezed out without affecting the structure. If not let it be under sun for a day more. And finally after removing the inner mould let it dry completely for 2 days.

The whole process of drying will take 2-3 days depending on the climate. It took me only 2 days (as its summer here and the temperature is around 42 degrees). When completely dried try removing it from the outer ( in same way as we remove ice from ice tray ).

Step 6: Now the Fun Part !! Colouring It .

I first completely coloured it with yellow colour. Any light colour is preferred as other colours could easily coated on them .

Then i cut a stencils of triangles on paper. And coloured it with bright catchy colour. Also i coloured it from inside so that it will look good completely.

The stand is ready it is light weight, unbreakable, sturdy and is eco friendly.

You can make it for your friends and can have their name or your wishes painted on them.

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