Introduction: Pencil Holder

Made at TechShop (

You need:

Plywood (4 pieces)
Wood Glue
Laser cutter
Drill Press

1. Sand, then paint the wood an Antique white color.
2. Laser on your image onto the wood (Download my file here:
3. Cut out the pieces of wood and glue together. (Or if you have access to a table saw or Shopbot, cut out the whole block of wood at once). If you had to glue pieces together, then make sure to let it dry for 4 hours.
4. Take your block of wood and drill three holes at the top, large enough to fit your pens, so probably 3/4" in diameter.

1. Choose a drill bit that is bigger than your largest pencil. Gotta give them some wriggle room.
2. Paint the wood first before lasering your art on it. You CANNOT PAINT AFTER NICELY. Repeat. CANNOT.
3. Stack the lasered out blocks of wood, stack them and glue them. Let dry for 2+ hours before attempting any sort of drill pressing! My pieces fell apart in the middle of my drill press session because the glue hadn’t dried yet.
4. Drill pressing tip #2: clamp the pieces of wood together while drill pressing!
5. To give the wood the dark charred look, slow down the speed of your raster to to 30-40! This will literally burn the wood. That is why the scissors in the picture above look black.
6. My settings for a 60-watt laser: Raster (600 DPI): 75% speed, 90% power. Vector: 10%, 90%, 500. (Do a couple of runs to cut through)