Rustic Wood & Bolt Hanger for Jewelry, Towels, Coats, Etc



Introduction: Rustic Wood & Bolt Hanger for Jewelry, Towels, Coats, Etc

Rustic wood hanger (for jewelry, towels, coats, keys, etc) made at

You will need

1.  a plank of wood
2. some nuts & bolts from the hardware store (or doorknobs)
3. gorilla glue
4. wood finish or paint/primer

Step 1: Cut Your Plank and Sand the Edges to How You Like

I didn't love the straight edges, so I sanded them down to a half-hexagon shape on each end.

Measure out where you would like your bolts to be placed and mark them.

Step 2: Glue or Screw in Your Bolts

The bolts I had weren't tall enough so I had to glue them onto the wood instead.

I used gorilla clue and glued the bolts with the washer in the back so it could have more of a grip.

Then I added another piece of board on top and clamped them together so the glue could dry for a few hours.

You could even stop after this step for a pretty nice unfinished wood look. I wanted to try using wood stain since I've never used it before.

Then, once the gorilla glue is dried, you can basically scrape the extra glue off. Word of advice: Wait till the glue completely hardens. You will see it expand but DONT touch it until its completely dry

Step 3: Wood Stain or Paint!

Prime your wood, then sand it down a bit so the stain/paint will stick

Take your choice of stain/paint and lay it on the wood.

The stain color I have is ebony.

Step 4: Let It Dry and Add Second Coat If You Like

Lastly, let it dry.

You may add a second coat after you wait 8-10 hours I believe.

The color didn't turn out quite like I expected, but I'm starting to like the rustic look.

Anyway, last step would be to hang it up on your wall!

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