Pencils Lost No More!




Introduction: Pencils Lost No More!

There is this phenomenon is classrooms where pencils roll, fall, walk away, or jump off students desk! It's strange but true. To add to this bizarre and peculiar phenomenon is that once the pencil hits the floor they can not be found by students. I kid you not.

In an attempt to prevent students from losing their pencils, wasting time searching the floor for a pencil, students blaming other students for stealing their pencils, custodians knocking pencils off desks and having to pick them up over and over, we give you the "Pencil Holder". "Pencil Holder" may not be available in all states. Check you local laws and regulations*.

*But seriously the pencil holder saves a lot of time searching for a pencil on the floor for the younger students.

Step 1: Materials

For the pencil holder you will need -

Disinfecting wipe or cleaning cloth

A medium size binder clip

Student desk ;-)

Mounting tape


Step 2: Only Need

We only need the plastic part of the pencil holder.

Take the metal parts off by squeezing the sides of the metal near the connection to the plastic.

This will allow for the metal piece to slide out of place.

Step 3: Clean

Clean the student's desk and the binder clip.

Oils and dirt will prevent the mounting strip from sticking.

Step 4: Cut

Cut a piece of mounting tape about the same size of the binder clip.

Step 5: Placement

Attach the mounting tape to the desk. We have ours at the top near the middle.

Press firmly in place for 30 seconds.

Step 6: Attach

Attach the binder to the mounting tape.

Press firmly in place for 30 seconds.

Step 7: Enjoy

Enjoy the time saved from looking for lost pencils and students getting upset thinking someone stole their pencils.

Bask in the fondness of the custodial staff.

Step 8: Other Ideas

Here we have milkshake straws taped in place to hold the pencils! Just another great idea we use at our Elementary.

Thanks to Mrs. Shelt and Ms. Schmude for the great ideas shared through the years!

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