Introduction: Pendant Lamp From Recycled Wood

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Please check out this video for more details on making this lamp.
Make this awesome lamp with recycled wood.
It's easy and minimal tools are required.
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Step 1: Cut the 2 Circles and the Grooves

This part is a bit dangerous if not operated correctly so please read the instructions twice (or 5 times).
If not feeling safe please do not try this on a table saw.
You can do it with a ordinary handsaw although it'll take a bit more time (not much for one lamp).
If you opt for a handsaw, find one with a wide kerf (thick cut).

Cut two 6'' (15cm) diameter circles and drill them both with 1/4'' (6mm) in the center.
Drill a 1/4'' hole in a center of a board wider than your table saw fence and clamp it to the existing fence on your saw.
Attach the circles (one by one) to that whole with a bolt and wing nut.
Tighten the wing nut tight!!
Raise the blade so the notch is about 1'' (2.5cm) deep. I did this by eye so it's not critical dimension.
Slowly release the wing nut but not making it loose.
Hold the circle so it can't spin, and hold it tightly.
Try to slowly spin the circle thus making the groove.
When finished re-tighten the nut and turn off the saw.

I hereby state that I'm not responsible for any injuries that may happen, please read the warning signs and instruction manual of your table saw before using it. Always think before you make the cut.

Please be careful!

Step 2: Make a Doughnut!

Use bigger drill bit so the jigsaw blade can fit in it.
Make the donut shape by cutting the inner part of the lamp's lower circle by making a doughnut.
This will make the lamp efficient by illuminating the table surface.
The doughnut hole is 4'' (10cm) in diameter.

You can skip this part if you don't need the light passing on the bottom part of the lamp.

Step 3: Cut Some Strips

Cut about 15 strips of wood 24'' (61cm) long and 2'' (5cm) wide.
The thickness is around 1/8'' (3mm), it depends on wood's ability to bend (oak is great for this).
You'll need 11 to 13 strips but some may crack when you bend or install them so it's almost necessary to have some extras.

Use push stick for safety because they are very thin pieces of wood.

Step 4: Bend the Stripes

Before bending soak the wood in hot water for 5-10 minutes and then carefully place them into the jig you've made. Oak works best for this, but any wood will work as long it's straight grain hardwood (avoid knots and softwood). I used Guanacaste wood which is beautiful but too soft for this use.

Drill the holes in an arch so the pencils (colors) can fit inside.
Then make a jig (pictures) and place the soaked pieces inside.
Leave them until dry and repeat until you have enough stripes.
The stripes will spring back quite bit when you take them out but they will be more pliable to set in the grooves easily.

Step 5: Dry Fit

Dry fit the stripes to make sure they enter into the grooves and the lamp looks symmetrical.

Step 6: Sanding

You want it to look nice?
It's Fun time - Sanding!

Take everything apart and sand it smooth for finishing.
120 grit followed by 220 grit sandpaper.

PS Some strips might need some bevels so they can enter together into the groove.
Make this with a block plane (or a knife).

Step 7: Finish

You can assemble the lamp with glue or keep it without glueing for eventual disassembly.
Apply finish.

I applied wax but it's much better to use some kind of varnish or polyurethane (makes dust cleaning easy).

Hang the lamp from the ceiling to the height desired.
Install a bulb (I like the look of Tesla's style bulbs).

Step 8: Enjoy Your Lamp!

I just love the way this lamp looks.
It's light, yet big, but again - very elegant and it looks just gorgeous.
I'm very happy with how this lamp came out and I bet you - you'll be de-light-ed, too.

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