Introduction: Pendulum Painting

Today I will be teaching you how to make a Pendulum Painting. Let get into it....

Step 1: Materials

For this project I used a canvas, striing, a solo cup, paint of your choice, newspaper, and a sauter stick.

Step 2: Painting the Canvas

In this step gather a paintbrush, your canvas, and the paint of your choice, in this demonstration I will be using the color black

Step 3: Creating the Pendulum Mechanism

For this step I used the Sauter stick and the solo cup to create the object that will hold and dispence the paint onto the canvas.

Step 4: Marking the Holes

I took a sharpie marker to create the holes that I can use to hang the cup and so the paint can come out

Step 5: Making the Holes

In this step I took the sauter stick and poked holes where I marked them on the solo cup. If you do not have a sautering tool I would recommend using a circular item that would create a perfect smooth hole so it does not affect the dispensing of the paint.

Step 6: Hanging the Cup

I took the string and tied it tightly across the two holes so it will not affect the cup as it is swinging across the canvas. I then attached the string that would connect to the ceiling to the cup, then measured the string so that it would hold the cup three inches above the painting at its lowest point.

Step 7: Filling the Cup

For the secondary color of this project I chose Gold because of its contrast against black and how the color stands out alone.

Step 8: Creating the Design

To create the spiral effect you must pull back the cup and simply let go. this part of the project is very important as if you drop the cup to fast or too slow, it could ruin the canvas. This unfortunately happened to me three times.The angle at which you drop it is also extremely important as it could create a completely different design.

Step 9: The Final Product

I stopped the mechanism just before it reached the middle then I decide to splatter a little bit of white paint to give it a little bit more of a galaxy effect. This can be done with any colors that you desire, and can have as many spirals as you want. UNfortunatly I was limited to the size of my canvas or else i would have made this more complex. However, I am happy with how it came out