Introduction: Pennant Banner Sign

Make a very cute banner suitable for many occasions using basic supplies and a printer

Step 1: Materials

To make this project you need some medium/heavy weight paper in color of your choice, a hole punch, twine/string, scissors, a printer, a paper cutter, and tape.

Use a word processing program to print out one letter per page with the page orientation set to landscape and the text centered. Depending on the font you will need about 500 or 600 point text.

I purchased the paper shown at Walmart and it was a little bit heavier than my printer could handle so I had to feed it through one piece at a time to get it to print. But your banner will turn out nicer if you use the heavier weight paper because it won’t curl up.

Step 2: Cut Out the Pennants

Using a paper cutter, cut the excess paper away from the left and right side of the letter. I cut 2.5 inches off of each side. You’ll end up with a rectangle that is 8.5 inches long and 6 inches wide.

Use a piece of scratch paper that is the same width as the rectangle to create a jig to make the tails on the pennant. First you will fold the scratch paper on the vertical axis, then on a horizontal axis, then you will fold and cut it on a diagonal as shown to create a tail that is the correct height. Remember, when you fold on the horizontal axis it must be shorter than the base of the letters or you will cut into the letters. Use a pencil to trace the jig, then cut on the trace to make the tails.

Step 3: String the Banner

You can use a two or three hole punch to make to evenly spaced holes in your pennant. Then, run a piece of twine or other string through the holes: you want the string to enter from the back of the pennant, go across the face, then out the back again. Flip the pennant over and secure in place with clear tape. Make sure that each pennant on the banner is placed and secured in about the same distance from the next (about 1/2 inch).

Ta-dah! You now have a cute banner.