Introduction: Pepperpot From Plastic Garbage

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I'll show you how I made a Pepperpot from recycled plastic containers

  • Quick(Less than 1 Hour)
  • Cheap
  • "Minimalist Design", No glue needed !

Bill Of Materials
  1. An empty PlasticWater Bottle
  2. A Sedergine Container (Note: this is important because it fits well with the Water Bottle cork)
  3. Pepper Powder

Required Tools

  1. Hacksaw
  2. Universal Clamp
  3. Standard Clamp
  4. Electrical Driller
  5. Small Drill Bit for drilling metal or plastic

Step 1: Cork Screw Thread

  1. Unscrew the red plastic cork from the Water plastic bottle
  2. Cut the Screw Thread with a hacksaw

Step 2: Make the Pepperpot Cork Top

  1. Take the Sedergine container white Cork
  2. Tear the paper protection to empty the cork from the tiny dessicant balls

Step 3: Assemble the Pepperpot Cork

  1. Push the Plastic Thread into the Emptied White Cork
  2. Check that the Plastic Thread is pushed at a constant depth within the Emptied White Cork

The Pepperpot Cork is now ready !

Step 4: Make the Pepper Sieve

  1. Screw a small diameter Drill bit on your Driller
  2. Tighten the Red cork with a universal clamp
  3. Drill the center hole, then a Cross pattern
  4. Drill additional holes until you get a Sieve for the pepper powder

    The Pepper Sieve is now ready !

Step 5: Assemble the Pepperpot Body

  1. Take the Pepper Sieve (Step 4) and push inside the Sedergine Container.
    Caution !! Notice that the intern Plastic Thread of the Red Cork should point to the outside of the container.

    The Pepperpot Body is now ready !

Step 6: Check That the Cork Screws Well

You're almost done !

Step 7: Fill the Pepperpot

"Design Issue": in order to fill the Pepperpot, it is required to pull out the Red Sieve because all parts fit without any glue. So a Clamp is needed to fill the Pepperpot.
NB: Taking into account that the Pepperpot once filled should allow for an average cycle of 2 months or more, I consider it a minor issue considering the "minimalism" of this "Quick and Free" Pepperpot solution

Step 8: Mark the Pepperpot to Prevent Disagreements

Use a Tag printer to mark the Cork Top and the Pepperpot Body. This is to prevent obvious disagreements

You're Done, Congratulations !