Introduction: Pepsi Wall Mount

This time I’m going to make an alder Pepsi wall mount. Alder boasts a beautiful pattern and responds well to processing with hand tools.

This little project is very simple, not time-taking at all, and it requires a minimal number of hand and electric tools.

Preparing for work

You will need a 27х90х2500 mm piece of alder wood. Cut it into five 1050 mm long planks.

Gluing it together

Put the work pieces together to make a board. Don’t forget to match color. Check fiber direction. Put a number on each plank.

Fit the planks together using a bench plane. Check the surface of each plank using a straight edge. Then check the angle between the face and edge (90°).

Spread glue evenly over the planks (use Wood Glue Titebond-3) and clamp them together. Remove excess glue with a damp sponge. Leave it and wait until the glue dries.

Step 1: Cutting, Jointing, and Sizing

Cut the board into two same-size pieces using a table saw.

Trim one of a board’s sides using a router fixed on a DIY portable surface-planing and thicknessing machine. Mark the surface with a marker ink pen or pencil to ensure proper removal of the material. The thickness of material removed in one go should not exceed 1 mm.

Trim the pieces down to 22.5 mm thick using a portable planer. One side of each board should be marked as a face side.

Step 2: Gluing and Sizing

Put glue on the two just-made boards and clamp them together. To spread the glue evenly, use a small-sized roller. Remove excess glue with a damp sponge. Leave it until the glue dries completely.

To relieve internal tension and let the internal moist from the glue spread evenly throughout the piece, put it away for 3 to 4 days.

Smooth the edges using a bench plane.

Adjust size with a miter saw.

Step 3: Marking and Drilling

Mark the piece as specified by the draft. Prod intersection points.

Fix another ruler on a drill press. Make sure that the middle of a hole be the middle of the drill.

Start drilling from the middle of the work piece. Move the drill along the ruler and drill the rest of the holes. To prevent the bottom from splitting, put a MDF pad under it. Look carefully when drilling.

Step 4: Finishing Holes and Profile

Make a template out of a 10 mm piece of MDF. Clamp it to the work piece and bolt a plank to it. Find the middle and mark the work piece. Match the template with the marking, press the template to the work piece and finish the first hole. Do other holes in the same way.

Trim the mount’s outer edge using a trim router with a r5 mm radius cutter. Finish the holes’ walls and the mount’s back side using a 45° chamfering cutter.

Step 5: Finishing and Attaching Hangers

Do the final finishing. Start with a 80 Grit sander and finish with a 120 Grit one.

Mark areas where hangers are going to be attached. Cut mounting seats using a router. Cut 3 mm deeper in places where mounting elements are going to be placed. Fix hangers with two self-tapping screws.

Do the final finishing.

Transfer the logo Pepsi image onto the board using a piece of carbon paper. I found the image on a specialized website. Nail or clip the paper to the board.

Contour poorly drawn lines with a pencil. Paint it with a brush. Apply the original color pattern.