Introduction: Percy Jackson Riptide

"The pen is mightier than the sword" - Edward Bulwer-Lytton 1839

That's nice and all but I think a pen that's secretly a sword is the mightiest of them all. This is my take on the popular weapon riptide from the Percy Jackson book series. (never speak of the movies) This is a two-part 3d print with the addition of a collapsible sword stage prop bought on the internet. The 3d model has some leeway in its fitting so any collapsible blade will do.


  • 3d printed pen casing

  • One collapsible sword stage prop (Amazon link Here)

  • Electrical tape (any thick tape will do, I just prefer electrical)

Step 1: The Printing

This is an original 3d model made by me. all sizing is already set and there were no special or specific printer settings used. It's just a standard PLA filament.

Step 2: Assembly

This is easy trust me, the hard work of actually making the 3d model is all over and done with. It's a quick one-two-three and you're done.

1. So first you're going to have to separate the collapsible sword from its hilt. Then wrap the rough end with electrical tape. I like to wrap the tape around the part that will be sticking out from the hilt or pen case bottom. This keeps the fit snug no matter the size difference of the blade to the case.

2. With light force you'll be able to wiggle the base of the sword pieces into the pen case bottom.

3. Once the fit is secure, make sure your tape is layered thick enough because it will also second as the seal that keeps the cap on nice and tight.

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