Introduction: Perfect to Go With Your Tauntaun Sleeping Bag... Wampa Slippers!

Here's a way to turn unwanted valentines day crap into quirky slippers! Perfect with all your other Star Wars accessories! 

You will need...
2 identical bears
thick fabric (for the bottom, just enough for your two feet outlines)
red and brown felt (My bears came with a red, and I just colored it for brown)
needle and thread

a sewing machine (this could just be your very own hands!)
a hot glue gun

Step 1: Rip 'em to Shreds!

You want them to match, so it's best to buy two of the same thing. Once you have them, rip body apart at the seems. Leave head intact, and be sure to save all scrap stuffing and debris! I ended up using those red hearts as mouth and horns. If your bears don't come with anything of the sort, felt will work nicely too!

Step 2: Facial Reconstruction...

 Now start with the heads. Remove all stuffing and stitching inside (not the seems, just that which keeps the nose nose-like). Also rip out the nose. I added a smaller noses a little closer to the eyes out of brown felt.

You will want to cut two ovals out of your red felt for the mouth. Where the nose once was, you now have a bulge. Sew the center of the oval (long way horizontal to the face) into the center of the bulge. This will make for a toothed, bloody red, just-ate-your-tauntaun look.

Now, if you have a glue gun, it is handy to glue little folds (two top, two below) for teeth. If you don't have one, I would suggest sewing the little folds. Once those are in place, push the oval and the bear-face-bulge in to make a mouth. Sew mouth in place.

Horns can be cut from brown felt, or red and colored brown. Make 4 identical cornucopia shapes and stitch into place. 

You will want to take out the ears, and take the back of the nose, and stitch it up between the eyes.

Step 3: Start Making Slipper... Pieces

 If you haven't already, you should rip the seems out of the remainder of the body of the beasts. You want to assemble however you can to make two flat panels for your feet (**hints: make sure you only sew strait; it's best not to try to sew across a curve if you want it to stay flat. Slippers are also supposed not to be too tight, so leave plenty of room around your measured foot area), two long skinny strips that are long enough to wrap around your feet and a backside for the face. Once you have pieced together your feet panels, take your thick, bottom fabric and cut two matching panels.

Shape face as needed. You want a rounded bottom and a strait top (semi circle). Sew the strait edge with the backing you've made

Step 4: Assembly

 Fold face/back together and pin to top of slipper top panel (face up). Start pining from top of slipper and work down. Take long strip and, beginning from back of slipper, leaving a little free hanging for joining later. Sew strip along edge of slipper, double stitching at edges of face-piece. Once you have made it all the way around, stop, join ends, and stitch over joint. 

Take bottom piece and, beginning from middle of side, stitch around slipper, leaving about 4 inches open for flipping/stuffing. 

TURN 'ER ABOUT! How exciting!! You are now ready to stuff! Split up half of all stuffing/scrap remaining (**Hint: if you have a bit of excess 'fur', you can cut it into smaller pieces and use it as stuffing). You really want to fill these pretty packed, because the act of walking on them will smush the stuffing over time.

Once stuffed, stitch the side shut, and do the other slipper, and ENJOY!!

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