Introduction: Perler Beads Minecraft Skin

Hey guys!

If you are like me, you love Minecraft and you have a ton of perler beads just laying around somewhere, this may be intresting for you!

this is a minecraft figure i made from perler beads.

let's get started!

Step 1: Gather Up the Materials!

Before we start the fun, you should gather up all the materials to build the figure.

In order to build it,you'll need:

-perler beads in whatever color you want your skin to be.

-perler beads board


-backing paper

-ironing machine

Step 2: Let's Start the Build!

okay, now you've gatherd all the materials, it's time to start the build!

let's work our way down, starting with the head!

I want to point out that you can make the figure in whatever color you want to, i made it in my personal Minecraft skin,but i'll show you the immages from the original steve skin.

for the head,you'll need to make 6 planes.

Lay all the beads down on the board like showed in the picture.

Once all beads are layed down, double check if all of the beads are layed down the right way.

Then you take your baking paper, you lay it over the beads and you use the ironing machine to heat the beads.

I found that te ironing machine on medium settings works the best, once the machine is heated up, you move it in a circular movement for about 10 seconds.

Be carefull in this proces that you don't accidentally knock any beads out of place.

And if you're not old enough to use the ironing machine, ask your parents! This machine can badly injure you! be carefull!

Step 3: Assembly of the Head

Now you have all the planes of your head, let's assemble it!

To assemble the head, you simply click all the planes together.

Step 4: Body

for the body, again 6 planes.

thesame thing like the head,just click in all the planes.

Step 5: Arms

for the arms, you have to pay attention. his right hand has a slot in it to fit a sword or pickaxe in, the left one doesn't have this in my design, if you want to,you can make yourse with no slot in the arm or a slot in each arm.

Step 6: Legs

both legs are almost thesame, in my MC skin, the lighter beads are in another place. do whatever you feel good with!

Step 7: Assembly of the Body

congratulations!! you just finished all the parts of the figure!!

now we just have to assemble the parts together,and don't worry,it's not hard at all!

To do this, gently push the toothpicks through the beads as show in the images.

And if you want to make sure that the figure won't fall over, i used some pritt poster buddies to put under his feet.

Step 8: Accessories

If you made a figure with one slot or 2 slots for accessories, here is how to make some.

You really can make anything to fit in those slots, i've made a pickaxe and a sword.

If you want to design your own accessories, just watch out that you have at least 4 beads that go into the slot,otherwise it will fall out. Also make sure that you make the 'handle' 3 beads wide, otherwise it won't fit.

Step 9: End!

Good work!

You just finished your Minecraft figure!

I thought it was a great idea to share with the world because who doesn't love Minecraft? And it's so easy to make, you don't need a workshop at all, just some house hold items and you're good to go! Everyone could make it!

lastly i want to thank you for taking the time to read and follow my instructions, it was my first time making an instructable so i hope it was easy enough to follow. And don't blame me if there are some writing faults, I live in Belguim so my English isn't the best.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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