Introduction: Perpetual Puzzle Calendar

Make a perpetual (forever) puzzle calendar for your locker or refrigerator. Start every day with a mini challenge!

Step 1: You Will Need:

PuzzCal template (jpg)

Masks template (jpg)

Magnetic strip (1.5 inches wide by 6 inches long)

X-Acto knife or razor blade

Colored Sharpie (optional)

Save the two templates to your computer (right click, Save As) and print full-page/Portrait format at 8.5x11. They can both be equally reduced if desired as they are proportional.

Step 2: Cut Frames.

Use the masks to create the frames. There is one frame each for the day, month, and date sections. It is the center cutout that is important. You can make the outer shape of the frame any way you want, but it looks nicest to have a consistent thickness for the edges.

Place the mask on top of the magnetic strip, holding it down so it doesn't move. Just cut enough to make a guideline on the strip underneath instead of trying to cut all the way through at this point.

You will then have an outline on the magnetic strip to cut out the center of the frame.

Step 3: Refine the Edges.

Clean up the inside edges if necessary. Also, for the Month frame, to make the edge consistent all the way around, cut the little extra corner out. Save the cutout pieces for securing the corners.

Step 4: Color the Frames.

The frames will stand out more if colored with a permanent marker. (For an extra enhancement, use a photo editing program to create a background on the calendar template.)

Step 5: Post and Puzzle Away!

Use the cutout center frames to secure the corners to your locker or refrigerator. Rotate the frames to find the current day, month, and date.

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