Introduction: 'Perry the Platypus' Pipe Cleaner Art

Perry the Platypus is every kid's favourite character from Phineas and Ferb. He's a semi-aquatic, egg laying mammal of action. This is a pipe cleaner artistic recreation of Perry the Platypus. A perfect crafts project for crafty kid of any age!

Step 1: BoM

  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Skewer
  • Googly Eyes


  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue

Step 2: Shape the Body

We want a long slender body for Perry or 'Agent P.'

  • Wrap around the first pipe cleaner close to the pointy end of the skewer, leaving a bit of it for the right leg. Once it gets short, wrap it such that you form a left arm with the left over pipe cleaner. Don't worry if it's too long, because we can always cut it short.
  • Wrap a second pipe cleaner around the first one to form the slender body. Again, like the first step leave a bit int he beginning to form a left leg. Then once it gets short begin moving towards the left arm, forming a nose as you get to the narrow and pointy end of the skewer and leaving a left arm with the left over pipe cleaner.
  • Cut off the excess legs.

Step 3: Add the Beak

  • Cut a small size of orange pipe cleaner about the size of the body.
  • Wrap it around the head once and form a beak with the excess length.

Step 4: Cover the Beak

Since Perry the Platypus does not have an orange head, we need to cover the wrap-around with some green.

  • Cut a small piece of green pipe cleaner and wrap it around the head to cover the orange.

Step 5: Form the Tail

  • Cut a long piece of pipe cleaner about 1.5 times the body length.
  • Wrap this piece around the body twice and form the excess into a long slender tail. Then, fold it in half to make it twice as thick.

Step 6: Glue the Eyes

  • Pull the platypus out of the skewer, it should slide right off. And squish it to form it to more of a platypus-like body shape.
  • Add a bead of hot glue to the eye area of the platypus. The eyes are meant to be disproportionately large.
  • Make sure that the eyes are out of focus, since Perry's eyes as Perry the Platypus and not 'Agent P' are always out of focus.

Step 7: Decorate With Some 'Branches'

  • Twist a couple of pipe cleaners and form some branches with the ends of the pipe cleaners
  • Fold it in half for more branches.
  • Place Perry over it and bend the legs slightly.
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