Introduction: Personal Bottle Float

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Refreshing beverages poolside is something we all look forward in summer. Usually you have to leave the water to grab a cold one, as drinks in the pool either sink to the bottom or get watery while you're holding onto them. With a bottle flotation device your drink can stay afloat and always close at hand. This handy life jacket for your beverage can also be customized so you'll never mix your drink up with someone else.

Whether you're lounging poolside, playing in the waves at the beach, or lying back on a lazy river. This easy project is sure to be a big splash at your next aquatic adventure.

Remember to always be careful with glass bottles around swimming pools, and always drink responsibly.

Step 1: Tools + Supplies

  • foam kickboard
  • hole saw
  • coping saw / hobby knife
  • indelible marker
  • roll of tape (to trace a circle around)
  • measuring calipers (optional)
  • sandpaper (optional)

Step 2: Measure Bottle Neck

I used measuring calipers to get an exact diameter of the bottle neck, most long neck beverage bottles will be close to ~1.3" (33mm).

Step 3: Hole Saw

The closest hole saw size that matched my measurement was 1-1/4" (32mm). The sizing was slightly smaller, which worked out great as the foam will form a snug fit around the bottle.

On a slow speed, the hole saw was used to drill an opening in the foam kickboard.

Step 4: Circle Template

Using a roll of tape as a template I traced a circle around the drilled opening. For stability in the water the traced circle should be about 4" (100mm) in diameter or larger.

Step 5: Make Circle Out

Using a coping saw, or sharp hobby knife, carefully cut around the large traced circle.

Step 6: Smooth Edges (optional)

Depending on the density of the foam kickboard you might be able to smooth the edges with sandpaper. I was able to use 150 grit sandpaper and round of the rough edges.

Step 7: Make Loads for Friends!

Your friends are sure to want to join in the fun of having their drinks nearby, too. Might as well use up the rest of the foam kickboard to make a more bottle floats for everyone!

Step 8: Tag It

With all those bottles floating around it's going to be hard to know which drink belongs to you. Best use the space on your bottle float to write your name with permanent marker.

Step 9: Pool Party!

Push the foam floatie to snugly fit onto the neck of your bottled beverage and hit the water, knowing your cold one is safely floating nearby and ready to refresh you.

Party on!